Irresistible Beauty by Noreen Young
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Applying makeup should not have to be hard work. It should be easy to apply, playful and best of all fun. Liking what you see when you look in the mirror before and after it is applied. Irresistible Beauty™ is a line of products that multi-tasks and shows the wearer beauty shortcuts as well as sun protection factors and ingredients for the health of your skin. Shea butter, Macadamia nut oil, safflower, Rose hip oil, Aloe Vera and packed with anti-oxidant nutrients like vitamin E.

We truly believe you don't have to use many products to achieve an everyday or evening look. It's a small, sweet and simple line. Real world makeup colors for real women not just celebrities, models or fashionistas.

You can look fabulous at any age and so can your skin. Say "Hello to Gorgeous" when you look in the mirror. A little dash of color goes a long way and confidence is a woman's best cosmetic.

Irresitible Beauty's Not Your Mother's Foundation
Not Your Mother's Foundation™
Irresistible Beauty's Lipgloss
Not Your Mother's Lip Gloss™
Created by a cosmetic chic family of twin sisters. An artist, skin care specialist, a mom, and a computer guru. They truly believe "Makeup should be all about you not the name brand you're wearing."

With these healthy and delightful beauty formulas, it is a recipe for a fabulous face.

It's truly Not Your Mothers foundation, lip-gloss and face powder and more!

Hello, Love™ lipstick with lipstain. Just arrived from our beauty lab... St. Valentine's Day...get ready to line them up and say pucker up!

A luscious multi-tasking, longlasting, sexy red lipstick that is infused with a hydrating lipstain.

Say Hello to Gorgeous™ lip gloss a sweet treat for your lips and cheeks. It stains your lips with a moist & rosy healthy glow.

Tea Liscious Lip ConditionerTEA liscious™ lip conditioner is a sheer delight that coats your lips with ingredients to moisturize to the max. Kissable...MEN love to wear it too!

Irresitible Beauty's Not Your Mother's Lip Gloss and Cheek Stain
Model is wearing Say Hello to Gorgeous lip and cheek stain™
NEW also comes in Spanish... "Hola Belleza"

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Blogging LipsWe've been getting mentioned more and more in the beauty and makeup blogs lately and we just wanted to share the love. Check out some of these recent postings:

About our brand

Our products are made with Lots of Love and YOU in mind! Allergy tested and NOT tested on animals...just The Young Sisters, our family and friends. If they do not like it, we do not make it. We love Mother Earth and try to be as green where we can. Yes, there is a beauty fairy in every product if you believe! Our packaging is simple. No excessive wrappers, cardboard inserts and boxes. Enjoy shopping our eco-friendly online catalog.

Eco-Girl Tip

Recipe brew for better looking Legs

If you have some coffee left over from your morning or evening brew? After they have cooled...DON'T throw them out my beauties~

Take the coffee grinds add a bit of olive oil and sit on the side and rub in a tub unto your legs or wherever you have cellulite and skin bumps for at least five minutes. Rinse well and your skin will feel and over time look amazing.

May be used weekly. Drink your brew and wear it too for better looking skin.