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July's Breakout Brand of the Month

When I first me Noreen Young, I was instantly drawn in to her ineffable energy and charm. Even through e-mail, I could sense her charisma and passion for what she does. This same passion and charisma, is what prompted me to deem Noreen's product line – Irresistible Beauty – July's Breakout Brand of the Month.

Noreen Young has a very interesting background story. Noreen was once an aspiring nun who would wear her homemade lip gloss concoctions to chapel. Her Mother Superior would always ask, "Why are your lips so shiny?" To which Noreen would reply, "It's lip-gloss, Mother Superior!"

By a twist of fate, Noreen ended up meeting the man of her dreams closing the door to convent life, and opening another in sunny Florida. In sunny Florida, Noreen quickly became a local celebrity as a make-up artist to both famous folk, as well as the girl next door – people like you and me! Lucky for us, Noreen finally decided to bring her make-up tricks to the masses. She teamed up with her sisters, and together, they created Irresistible Beauty.

Since Noreen and the Young sisters feel applying make-up should never be hard work, Irresistible Beauty is a line of products that multi-tasks, showing the wearer beauty shortcuts, as well as sun protection factors and ingredients for the health of your skin.

Not You Mother's Foundation is Irresistible Beauty's leading product and is a foundation made with real women, not just celebrities or just fashionista, in mind. Packed with anti-oxidant nutrients like Vitamin E, as well as Rose Hip and Macadamia oil, this foundation is light, smooth, and healthy. Irresistible Beauty's Not You Mother's Lip Gloss is also packed with anti-oxidant nutrients. The gloss hydrates for softer lips, and is great to use alone or over other lipsticks.

The product that really drew my attention to Irresistible Beauty is Perfect Day Rosewater Kisses – a rosewater mineral toner perfect for these hot summer days and humid summer nights. Spritz some on a cotton ball, or directly on your face, and you are on your way to feeling refreshed and smelling like roses in no time.

The best part about Irresistible Beauty is a portion of the proceeds goes to the Special Olympics to honor the memory of Noreen's twin brother- Norman Young.

A long way from her convent past, Noreen inspires woman every day to say "Hello to Gorgeous" when looking in the mirror. The Young Sister's Irresistible Beauty line is, well... Irresistible! So log on to to see what the fuss is about, and remember what Noreen always says… "A woman without lipstick is like a day without sunshine!"

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